A Common Mistake That KILLS Sales

 photoI am seeing this more and more often…

Simple mistakes that kill sales and alienate subscribers… when they don’t have to.

What exactly are we talking about?

Simple grammar and spelling mistakes; along with general language errors.

It’s Seems to Be Getting More Common

Unfortunately, this happens a lot – especially with marketing emails…

And even more on sales letters I’ve been seeing recently as well.

According to the online grammar and spell checking experts at Grammarly, this is causing lost sales and unsubscribes.

The guys at Grammarly polled their 6.2 million Facebook followers, and asked if spelling and grammar mistakes in marketing emails leave them with a negative impression of a brand.

Not surprisingly, 97 percent of the people polled said yes.

They said a lot of other things, too. Things like….

  • “YES. When I see the first error, I hit DELETE.”
  • “I can’t help but switch off when I see this. It applies to any writing. I instantly lose interest, not consciously, but irreversibly…”
  • “If the grammar and spelling of an email is off, then I instantly dismiss it as a scam. I won’t even finish reading it before I delete it.”

For heaven’s sake, why not take the time to check your emails before you send them out.

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People Judge You By Simple Stuff Like This

After all, your emails are a reflection of you.

And you can bet that your email subscribers care about details.

“If a company can’t spell or use grammar correctly, how could I trust how useful their product/service is?”

People will judge you… As well as your product, and even your company.

Think about this for your own emails…

In the early stages of your relationship with your subscribers – your welcome email campaign, for example – your subscribers are still getting to know you.

You have to earn their trust; and the first few emails are critical for making a good first impression.

An error in your first email could mean the difference between an unsubscribe and a continued, profitable relationship with your subscriber.

And simply having a fresh pair of eyes go over your sales letter before you go live could be the difference in a 2% or 4% or even 8% increase in sales…

Don’t get lazy or rushed.

Take a little extra time and proof your copy & emails.

You’ll be surprised how often a simple mistake slips thru…