How To Find Great Images For Your Website

And Use Them Absolutely Free & Legally

 photoEverybody wants cool and good looking images to use for their websites. But finding them, and being able to use them legally, can become a real problem.

That’s where Creative Commons comes to the rescue.

Creative Commons is a non-profit organization that provides free licenses to anyone who wants a safe way to share their creativity and knowledge with the world.

A Creative Commons license is not designed to replace a creator’s copyright, but to help them quickly, easily, and legally change the terms and conditions of their copyright so that others can safely use their content under approved conditions.

As an image creator, you can use Creative Commons to make your photo freely available to anyone who wants to use it in a non-commercial way while still requiring anyone who wants to profit from the use of your work to pay you for it.

And as an image user, you can use Creative Commons licensed images legally on your websites (with the right attributions).

And one way of making this entire process simple and painless is by using a WP plugin that takes advantage of Creative Commons to find the perfect image for your new WP page or post.

How Do These Creative Commons Plugins Work?

Creative Commons Image Plugins are plugins created to help WordPress users find and insert free images into their blog posts or pages with proper attribution. They work by scanning massive photo sources like Flickr, Pixabay, and more for images that are using the Creative Commons license.

Those images are then used as the database by which your searches within the plugin return results.

Not only getting you the image you want, but one that is legal to use too.

Anyone who has spent any amount of time trying to create a new page or post… and then not have the image for it, knows how time consuming and frustrating finding the right image can be. Not to mention whether or not the image can be used on their site legally.

That’s why using one of these free plugins that takes advantage of the Creative Commons license to find great images (and making sure that you stay legal) is something that every new website owner should consider.

Here are two great plugins that use Creative Commons to find images for your new site. And best of all, they are 100% free to download and use…

Two Free CC Plugins You Can Use

WPInject allows you to search Flickr, Pixabay, and more for Creative Commons images and include them in your posts and pages in just a few clicks.

Out of the free plugin options, this one provides the widest range of photos under the Creative Commons license and is probably the easiest to use.

Best of all you can insert images with just 3 clicks and attribution is taken care of for you.

Click on the link below and give this free plugin a look…

WP Inject


Pick A Picture is another free plugin that works like WPInject; only it only searches the Flickr site for images.

Despite that, Flickr alone has more than enough images for anyone to use, so it is not really a disadvantage…

But just thought we’d point that out.

Click on the link below and give this free plugin a quick look as well…

Pick A Picture


Regardless of which plugin you use, they are both a very easy solution to the problem of finding the right picture for your new pages and posts.

And best of all, you will always insure that whatever image you choose, you will be able to use them legally and without worry.

Give them a look for yourself…