Marketing Tools That Will Make Your Website Convert

There are a slew of marketing tools available to you online… With more coming out every day.

However, you really only need like five or six…

And here are the ones that we use that we would, without hesitation, recommend to anyone looking to build a real business online.

They are all easy to use, work exactly as described, and are affordable enough for any budget. Give them a look for yourself…


wordpress landing pagesWordPress For Website Creation

If you are looking for the easiest way to set up a custom (and beautiful) website, we cannot recommend WP enough.

It’s brain dead easy to use, and with the sheer amount of custom themes available to you, anyone can make a beautiful, fully functioning website fast & easy.

Plus with some free & custom plugins, you can really make your website sing & dance… And get it dialed in exactly how you’d like it.

If you’ve never set up a website before, then WP is the easiest option anyone can use use.

To discover how easy it is to start creating your own websites using WP, simply click here


250x250bWebpage, Opt In Page, Sales Page Creator

If you are looking for the easiest way to create stunning sales pages, landing pages, and opt in pages, we cannot recommend InstaBuilder enough.

This simple to learn and use WP plugin makes creating any pages of your website fast & easy… And they are simply beautiful.

It is a one time cost, and dirt cheap at that (unlike other tools that cost you a monthly subscription forever)… And it can create pages for both WP as well as regular HTML sites. So if you don’t have a WP site, this will still work for you.

Hands down the easiest page creator available online that we’ve found (and we have tried all the big dogs like Unbounce/LeadPages etc)…

And after you work with it for a while, it is actually pretty fun to use.

Check out our InstaBuilder review page, and you’ll see how cool this tool really is. Just click here….


online video marketingEasy Video Software

If you’re not using video, you might as well give your traffic away to your competitors.

We use the simplest video creation software on the planet called Easy Sketch Pro, and it is about as easy as it gets to create spectacular videos in just minutes.

This easy to use software has about the lowest learning curve of any video software we have tested… Literally, you can create your very first video in about five minutes after going thru the included video tutorials.

And since this software produces those “whiteboard doodle” type of videos… That have been proven to out-convert any other type of video… Your videos not only come out looking great; but are very effective as well.

If you are looking for video software that is simple to use to create stunning (and highly effective) sales, promo or marketing videos, then it doesn’t get any easier.

You need to give this a look since over 65% of ALL online traffic will be video driven by the end of 2016… just click here


keyword research mistakesLongTail Keyword Pro

If you are not doing keyword research for your websites, you are leaving a lot of traffic to your competitors.

Basic keyword research will get your content in front of the very people looking for it. But…

Keyword research can be a real pain in the butt.

Here is the easiest keyword research tool we have found… And one that we use every single day.

Keywords are critical not only for your videos, SEO & pay per click campaigns…

But essential if you want to get any traffic to your website(s) at all.

If you want a simple keyword research tool with all the bells & whistles, then click here…   They even offer a $1 trial to make it easy to check out.