Persuasion & Copywriting

A lot of people make copywriting a little harder than it needs to be.

When actually, it is something we see in action every day.

I came across this short 10 minute video on YouTube that walks you through the “Science of Persuasion”…

With over 5 million views, it is one of the best I have come across.

Click on the video below and check it out for yourself.



How Sales Psychology Turns Your Visitors Into Customers

The Science of Persuasion and Copywriting

You may not even know it, but you are “persuaded” even single day…

By the ads you see on TV, your interaction with people is stores… Even at the grocery store.

Ever been to Las Vegas? Talk about “persuasion”…

The Vegas guys have it down to a science; from subtle subliminal ways to keep you in the casino to the constant bombardment of neon and even the noise of coins hitting a metal tray on a slot machine winner.

All of these are designed to “persuade” you to stay in the casino and spend every last cent you have.

The Science of Persuasion and Your Website

Why not make a few notes from the video above. And try out a few of the techniques you’ve discovered on your own website?

Even better, why not take a few minutes, and discover even more Secrets to the Science of Persuasion by clicking on the link below.

After all… They work. And you know they work since you are subjected to them every day.

Take a second right now, and click on the link below for the best resource you’ll find on the science of persuasion for your sales and landing pages…

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