The Sales Page “Slap”

Here’s a simple problem that a lot of people just starting out have…

And unfortunately, they never even realize that this problem exists.

It’s called the “Sales Page Slap”, and it goes kinda like this…

A prospect enters your funnel, either through an opt-in page or coming straight to your VSL (video sales lander) or sales letter.

-They begin to listen to your marketing message…
-They hear a “Sales Page Slap Word or Phrase”…
-They immediately press pause on your VSL/page and go over to Google or Youtube to do a quick search…
-And they never return again to your site to take advantage of your offer.

Bye-bye new customer and sale.

This happens a heck of a lot more often than most people realize.

I would go so far as to say that it plays a significant role in why many new marketers struggle with a low sales conversion rate.

Slap the Sales Page Slap Back

So, how do you prevent this type of sales page slap?

You eliminate the “slap words or phrases” from your VSL, sales letter, marketing message, funnel, etc.

So, what is a slap word or phrase?

Simple. It’s any word or phrase you use when talking about your solution that positions it as generic and non-proprietary.

In other words…

Any time you present the “solution” within your marketing message in a way that allows it to be viewed by your prospect as general, common, ordinary, or run-of-the-mill…

That’s when you’re vulnerable to the sales page slap.

For example…

If you are selling a course on Facebook Advertising, you don’t talk about the benefits of generic Facebook ads.

You talk about the benefits of your unique ABC system for using Facebook ads.

If selling a course on weight training for muscle building, we don’t talk about the benefits of generic weight training.

We talk about the benefits of your ABC weight training for muscle building system.

Make Your Product Unique & Proprietary

Again, we avoid talking about any “generic” version of your sales page solution.

The presentation of the generic solution is what allows your prospect to pause your VSL, open Google or YouTube, and do a quick search to find a cheaper, quicker way of getting the same solution you’re offering.

Make it unique to your sales page or lander for your offer…

And they cannot find a generic solution.

To avoid this, and prevent the “Sales Page Slap”, everything you say should position your solution/product/service as unique and proprietary.

This way, your prospects can’t go anywhere else — not Google or Youtube — to learn more about it.

Since it’s only available from you.

That’s the key to preventing the Sales Page Slap.

And that’s the key to boosting your individual sales conversions… whatever your product or service may be.

Go back and look at your sales page right now?

Are you making this mistake?

If so, try fixing it… And see what your results are.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised.